Learn your bearings

Vital, yet very often neglected parts of your rollerskates, bearings. They’re round and tiny, and fit inside the hub of your wheels. Bearings are so important! Without them, your skates wouldn’t roll. What is a bearing? A bearing is defined as the part of an apparatus that bears friction, especially between a rotating part and […]

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I’ve re-branded my blog. I’ve been using this hashtag on Instagram for over a year, and never thought I could simply use it as my brand all together. So there we are! Officially re-branded. Let me tell you a little bit about what I’d like to talk about on this blog besides what I’ve already […]

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What a strong word to start a Monday! Failure is the word we do not like to hear. It leaves a bitter aftertaste in our mouth, gives us anxiety, makes us sweat and stress simply because we associate failure with a negative from very early on. On the other hand, we get a figurative or […]

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A Few Words on Self-Care

Practice is important. No one gets better if they don’t practice. Individual skills needs to be mastered, and team work and strategy has to be ironed out, and only continuous, repetitive practice can allow growth on every level. It’s also no lie that roller derby is not just about attending practice. Traveling for bouts, as […]

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A Shoutout to Derby Wives

Joining roller derby, I did not think of getting married. Well derby married. A derby wife has many definitions, but here is one I found and truly identify with: “A derby marriage is a declaration of close friendship, but more than that, it is a commitment to support one another both in and out of derby. A […]

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When Your Heroes Retire 

Retirement. In my opinion, one of the ugliest words of the roller derby vocabulary. Hearing it makes my heart shatter in little pieces, knowing your favorite players won’t be playing anymore. Retirement marks the end of an era, the final word to the chapter of your favorite book. Retirement feels like the last mile of a […]

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